Banking Growth Forum 2018 Session Spotlight: IberiaBank 



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IberiaBank has nearly doubled in size over the past four years through acquisitions that have expanded its footprint—now stretching across ten states in the southern US. But can a bank growing so fast retain the qualities that originally made it successful?

We’ll find out. During the 2018 Banking Growth Forum, I’ll be posing that question to Craig Peak, Executive VP of Consumer Credit at IberiaBank. Craig has promised to reveal how this now-midsized regional bank is leveraging technology to emulate the best practices of large institutions while remaining nimble and close to its customers like the much smaller bank it used to be.

That’s no small feat, since IberiaBank’s markets now encompass much greater diversity, complexity and change. In the session, we’ll be talking about how the organization is using analytics to achieve two seemingly opposing objectives for its home equity loan portfolio: 

  1. First, they’re improving pricing consistency and the predictability of successful offers by implementing standardized pricing processes across the enterprise.
  2. Second, they’re doing very granular dynamic population segmentation, which helps avoid the rigidity centralized control can sometimes create, keeping IberiaBank agile. The process takes into account the varied characteristics and requirements of different markets, enabling the bank to be highly responsive to local conditions.

Craig will also talk about how analytics will enable the bank to forecast a full P&L for each segment, including operating costs, credit losses and the impacts of pre-payment and fluctuating levels of utilization on profitability. This expanded visibility will help IberiaBank make sure the benefits of all this rapid growth show up on the bottom line.

Find out more at the Banking Growth Forum breakout session Scalable Banking Growth: How IberiaBank Doubled in 4 Years.

About The Author

Oren Lavie is a Senior Business Analyst at Nomis Solutions where he focuses on the Lending vertical. Oren works with Home Equity, Auto Loan, and Mortgage clients in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to working at Nomis, Oren worked for Citigroup in the Risk Management department. Oren has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley.