Carpe Diem Banking Industry! – Ron Shevlin - A Banking Growth Forum KEYNOTE Spotlight



Part sage, part visionary, part industry life coach, part oracle, Ron Shevlin is all about thinking about what is next for the banking industry. Every industry has it’s trusted prognosticators. Ron is such a trusted source in the industry because has demonstrated time and time again that he understands the industry including its challenges and realities. 

As a result, when Ron questions the industry status quo, people listen. He has been has been a management consultant to the industry for more than 25 years, working with the leading financial services as well as with consumer products, retail and manufacturing firms around the world. This unique combination gives him the perspective of what is possible with some ingenuity and outside the box thinking. 

I had a chance to catch up with Ron as he was beginning to prepare for what he would present at the Bank Growth Forum this year. Ron strongly believes that this is a Carpe Diem moment for the banking industry where the forces of demographics, technology, and consumer preference are coming together to really prompt a significant change for the industry. The industry, he feels, is sitting on a mountain of data that it isn’t properly mining. In addition, he strongly advocated banks adopting the new technologies that help banks sense changing preferences so they can be authentically relevant to their customers when the bank’s services are needed. Blanket promotions are effectively dead. Ron covers his thoughts on how the industry and beyond needs to leverage marketing technology to glean the insights needed to take action in his many industry presentations and consulting engagements. 

Attendees to Ron’s presentation should be prepared for innovative thinking around how banks need to begin to transform themselves into "financial operating systems" that curate a full gambit of solutions of financial services solutions to their consumers in well thought out recipes and offers for achieving their goals.

Ron will cover what he sees as the engines of growth for the industry honing in on what banks need to do in this next chapter to lead the industry. By leveraging real world examples, Ron is hell bent of convincing the industry that this isn’t pie-in-the-sky but rather this is what is required for market leadership and standout growth. 

As the CMO of Nomis, I am delighted to have Ron as our keynote speaker. I always find that it is easy to field an industry pundit for a conference. It is harder to identify someone who has been in the trenches with management teams trying to figure out how to navigate that next transition in their industry. What Ron offers is both visionary and practical & implementable as ultimately his success is tightly aligned with the success of the industry he serves.

With this talk you’ll get a clear glimpse into the very near future of the industry and the forces that will determine your success, as well as clear actions you need to take now to maintain your leadership position or emerge as a new leader. This capstone presentation for the Banking Growth Forum should help you put the finishing touches on your next growth playbook.

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Ken is our CMO at Nomis Solutions.