Deposits and agility—getting to organizational alignment – Dennis Chira – A Banking Growth Forum KEYNOTE Spotlight



Today’s unprecedented conditions in financial services markets make tomorrow’s rising rate environment unpredictable. Lenders must be ready to make the right moves under unknown conditions, says Dennis Chira, a principal at Oliver Wyman and one of the facilitators of the Banking Growth Forum masterclass in End-to-end Deposit Management.

When I spoke to Dennis recently about the upcoming class, he emphasized that the four-hour session is designed to help participants from different organizational functions—product, marketing, distribution, finance and treasury—understand each other’s point of view and explore the dynamics of deposits together.

“Getting to organizational alignment around deposit strategy, pricing and valuation will be key to achieving the agility lenders need to compete effectively under any conditions,” said Dennis. “No matter what happens, all functions will be prepared to adapt quickly and swing into action ahead of competitors.”

The highly interactive masterclass will use a case study approach to get participants teaming up and talking about what to do as the rate environment changes. Dennis and the other facilitators will guide the class in examining the complexities of the deposit business today—including dilemmas around promotional pricing, surge balances and serving the underbanked.

So if you want to be challenged and invigorated, come to the Banking Growth Forum masterclass in End-to-end Deposit Management.

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