Growing Responsibly – Dan Quan – A Banking Growth Forum Speaker Spotlight



At the upcoming Banking Growth Forum, May 18-20 in San Francisco, we have just secured an amazing new presenter, Dan Quan, the leader on innovation at the CFPB.

Dan is a senior advisor to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Director, Richard Cordray. Dan leads Project Catalyst, the CFPB’s initiative to support innovators in creating consumer-friendly financial products and services. Dan works frequently with Fintech startups to help support growth and innovation while ensure consumers are adequately protected.

Dan will be interviewed by Nomis Vice President of Lending, Rutger van Faassen and will be joined in the conversation by Mark Kenney, Chairman of Severson and Werson. Mark is an expert in financial services fairness and regulation as it relates to the law and will provide an additional perspective on how banks can grow responsibly.

Van Faassen’s goal in this session is to get to the heart of the changing landscape of regulation and how banks can navigate this landscape efficiently to grow responsibly. Van Faassen wants to flip the script on regulation as not a blind set of requirements that banks simply need to adhere to but rather a set of generally reasonable benchmarks that the industry can both influence through dialogue and leverage as a basis of effort to better understand their customers. He’ll be exploring with Quan and Kenney how regulation can be viewed differently and how it doesn’t have to be an inhibitor to growth. Van Faassen wants to get to the heart of how the CFPB is modulating regulation to support advancements the space, including how regulation is being reconsidered for Alternative Finance and what this will mean for the banking industry as a whole. Quan and Kenney will help clarify the interrelationship between growth and regulation, where we are achieving the goal of responsible growth and where both regulation and the industry still has work to do.

This is session is most certainly going to be a discussion you won’t hear anywhere else. For commercial leaders, consider bringing your colleagues that focus on compliance and fairness. This is a change to open the dialogue with each other and with your regulators as to how your bank can responsibly comply AND maximize growth.

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Ken is our CMO at Nomis Solutions.