Nomis Forges Strategic Alliance with Zafin


Alliance_Update_badge.png On behalf of Nomis, I’m pleased to announce that Nomis has signed an exciting global partnership with Zafin, a pricing execution software company from Vancouver, Canada.

The cornerstone of this partnership is a joint value proposition and technology solution targeted specifically to deposit products at retail banks. Between Nomis’ pricing optimization capabilities and Zafin’s pricing governance/execution capabilities we deliver a complete, end-to-end deposit pricing solution.

The Nomis/Zafin deposit pricing solution helps retail banks:

  • Understand deposit customer behavior;
  • Segment deposit customers using big data pricing science, evolving from basic tiering and geographic segmentation to more advanced relationship and behavioural segmentation; and
  • Execute an automated, holistic deposit pricing management strategy, with tailored offerings to suit the needs of each specific segment and channel, as well as creating incentives to encourage the desired front-line and customer behavior.

A high-level business view of the Nomis/Zafin value proposition:

 A high-level architectural view of how information will flow between the bank’s core bank system, Nomis and Zafin:

In the weeks and months to come, we will provide more information and schedule further opportunities to discuss the solution in greater detail.

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About The Author

Prashant is responsible for the strategy and tactical development of Nomis' market-leading pricing & profitability management SaaS platform and solution suite.