Thank you for attending Banking Growth Forum!


Thank you for attending Banking Growth Forum 2016! We saw amazing engagement from our participants and speakers and we hope you’ll agree that this is now the conference that provides the best source of ideas for how to get banks growing

If you couldn’t attend this year, here are some of the key highlights that we will soon make available to you on and as on-demand videos. 

Jason Bilodeau of Macquarie Capital explained that growth expectations don’t take a holiday in a flattening market and implored banks to take a more aggressive approach to growth. 

Barry Gollom of CIBC told us how he overcame his skepticism of price optimization to see it as a key growth engine for his bank.  

Janet Boyle of Scotiabank shared how she leveraged Fintech from Nomis to forever improve the competitiveness of their branches.

Richard Swart of UC Berkeley told banks that now is the time to capitalize on incorporating Fintech and Alternative Finance into their mix as competitive demands, partnership opportunities, and acquisition pricing have produced a very attractive Carpe Diem moment.

A Pitch Palooza showed banks 7 different potential Fintech partners with Bankaroo, an application that teaches financial literacy and onboards new young bank customers emerging as the winner.  

Meenaz Sunderji of Zafin gave us a glimpse of how pricing, as a part of a next generation banking platform, is allowing banks to deliver truly innovative products that really get personal. 

Silivio Stroescu of Tangerine explained how a holistic approach to next generation technology that puts the customer first with respect and simplicity results in a fundamentally better banking experience that also outperforms peers.

Dan Quan of the CFPB and Mark Kenney, Chairman of Severson & Werson explored how regulation has to evolve in these modern times, but protecting the public doesn’t have to be at odds with building a better bank.

Mark Erhardt of Fifth Third Bank explained how banking efficiencies allowed the bank to better serve their entire community with a new set of express products.  

Aaron Fine, Dennis Chira, and Alina Lantsberg of Oliver Wyman drove an amazing Innovation Track that tied so many innovations we heard about in the conference together with practical approaches. They also got bankers working shoulder-to-shoulder to think outside the box about their growth strategy in the Deposits Masterclass, a signature half-day workshop.

Numerous other panels explored everything from Lending Innovation to Authentic Relationships in the Digital Age and included bankers and Fintechs from Bank of America, Suntrust, City National Bank, Upstart, Crowd Valley, Lendsnap, Meed, Sigfig, SimplyCredit, RevolutionCredit, NerdWallet, Bankaroo,, the CFSI, BRG, SKP and the RFI Group.  

We would like to thank all the speakers and panelists who’s preparation and willingness to share insights provided clear recipes for growth, not available anywhere else. 

We would also like to thank our Banking Growth Ecosystem of partners Nomis, Oliver Wyman, Zafin, ICON, and Informa without whom this event would not have been possible.

See you next year and in the meantime let’s get growing.

About The Author

Ken is our CMO at Nomis Solutions.