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Price Optimization in Banking is Finally Going Mainstream

M and M's


Varying price by segment or behaviors is a concept that has been mainstream for many years in lots of industries...
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Predictive Analytics on the Rise in Banking

Predictive Analytics

Used by businesses and organizations from various industries, predictive analytics aren’t just about improved planning or increasing sales. Instead, they should be seen as an essential step in understanding your customers.
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What to Look for in a Pricing Optimization Solution

What to Look for in a Pricing Optimization Solution

The best deposits price optimization solutions are decision-support solutions, in that they help humans make better decisions... 
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Front-line Pricing Empowerment


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Facing market disruption and changing customer expectations, Scotiabank is transforming itself from a traditional bank to a responsive and digital environment.
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Banking, Innovation & Growth Magazine


Fintech focused on innovative price and offer management for banks, these articles will cover emerging tech and practices and their applications that are destined to become features of next generation banks.
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