Charles Barkley and “those idiots who believes in analytics”


The world of sports brings us the quote of the day from Sir Charles, as he calls the Houston Rockets general manager, “one of those idiots who believes in analytics."

Barkley said that sports analytics adherents are a bunch of guys who have never played the game and that analytics is crap.

Beyond the bluster, Charles has a point.

The Rockets are impressively 36-16 and in third place in the West, but despite being among the top statistical teams in the NBA defensively, they have shown poor defense among playoff-contending teams.

Nomis is leading the charge to using advanced analytics to help retail banks compete. Our experience supports one of our founding principles:

Pricing is migrating from pure art to a mix of art to science. Every year, our software gets better, and the science gets stronger in support of the art. Software will never fully replace experienced human judgment, and the victory will go to the smartest people with the fastest and best decision support.

And team Nomis statistics are both impressive and evidence of an emerging dynasty…

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