Nomis Announces Agenda for Eighth Annual Pricing Forum


Nomis Forum 2015 registration is open now. The event focuses on the key topics that retail bankers say are most critical to them: innovation, focusing on the customer, and managing the next interest-rate cycles.

San Bruno, CA February 3, 2015 – Once each year, retail banking pricing professionals set aside two days to learn, experience, and discuss the latest pricing and profitability technology and practices for financial services. The annual Nomis Forum themes and content reflect the key challenges these bankers face the other 363 days of the year. The main theme this year is deceptively simple: Keep Calm and Be Prepared.

The agenda is available at

Be Prepared for What?

Last year’s Forum was all about understanding customers, and even though that is an ongoing concern, this year’s “Be Prepared” theme focuses on pricing innovation, customer focus, and the near and long-term outlook and impact of interest rates.

As Sallie Krawcheck, former president of the Global Wealth & Investment Management division of Bank of America, discussed at the BAI banking innovation conference, innovation is more important in retail banking now than it has ever been. With the move to mobile platforms, millennials, and new online competitors using advanced technologies, banks are looking to innovation centers like Silicon Valley to help them successfully navigate the new era of banking.

What About Janet Yellen?

Arguably the most powerful woman in the world, Yellen won’t be able to attend Forum this year, but her impact will be much discussed. When will rates go up? The latest smart money says mid-year. If you subscribe to that prediction, Forum will help you prepare for the potentially dire impacts related to deposit flight, short-term margin compression, and liquidity coverage. In addition, Forum will address the latest in best practices on loan and mortgage pricing. Nomis Forum content includes outside keynotes, subject-matter experts, best-practice case study presentations by bankers who use advanced pricing solutions, as well as panel discussions and moderated talks, and a part that is universally regarded as invaluable: peer-to-peer networking.

To accommodate growing demand, Forum has been moved to a larger facility for 2015. But to retain the intimate environment that attendees value so highly, seating is still limited.

What: Nomis Forum 2015
When: April 13-15
Where: The Fairmont San Francisco, California
How: To register, get more information, or sponsor:

Nomis is a fast-growth company that combines cutting-edge Silicon Valley approaches to big data, advanced modeling, and deep analytics to help large and medium-sized retail banks better understand their customers. We help these banks deliver win-win products and pricing in an environment that is increasingly competitive, highly disruptive, and with an expectation of rising interest rates. In 2014, Nomis customers optimized over $1 trillion in banking transactions and since inception, Nomis customers have generated over $1 billion in incremental profits.

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