BAI Webinar

Rates Are Rising- Are You Ready?

April 13, 2017

Interest rates are on the rise, but what does that mean for the financial services industry? Take a journey through the past eight years to see how industry deposit trends have completely reshaped the deposit portfolio. Learn how bank balances shifted, what changed in cost of funds and where deposit balance growth has been realized. Find out how these trends will impact strategy as interest rates rise and what practical steps you can take to help prepare your organization in this changing landscape.

In this BAI webinar, participants will gain insights on:

  • How financial services leaders plan to respond to rising rates
  • What consumer attitudes are regarding price sensitivity
  • What organizations will be most aggressive in attracting deposits and what tools they will use
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Retail Banking Summit

Retail: Ripe for Revolution

May 25-26 | Sydney, NSW, Australia

RFi Group will be hosting the 8th annual installment of the Australian Retail Banking Summit 2017 in Sydney on 25 - 26 May. This year, the overarching theme of the summit is ‘Retail: Ripe for Revolution’ and will have a focus on the ever-evolving retail banking offerings both nationally and internationally. Nomis is a gold sponsor of the Summit, and Nomis President and CEO Frank Rohde will be speaking at the event as well as presenting an award at the 27th Annual Australian Retail Banking Awards (formerly the AB+F Awards)
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Banking Growth Forum

Get Closer to Your Customers


May 17-19 | Chicago

The Banking Growth Forum brings together retail deposits and consumer lending executives to develop new ways to grow and manage their portfolios.  Join your peers for educational sessions that focus on customer-centric approaches for future-proofing your portfolio amidst market uncertainty. Read More »