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A Global Outlook on the Next Generation of Lending


Speakers: Damian Young, Managing Director, EMEA, Nomis; Tony Moroney, Managing Director, BRG Europe; Kevin Lewis, Head of Business Development, Avant; Derek Butler, Managing Director, Grid Finance; Cyrielle Chiron, Research Director, RFI Group
Banking Growth Forum 2016, San Francisco, CA

Where will banking be in 2020? This international panel of global lending consultants and practitioners share their predictions and offer perspectives on the topics and trends that will drive banking decisions in the foreseeable future. Moderated by Damian Young, Director at Nomis and a former banker with 25 years of experience, they explore the following issues:

  1. How do you see consumers influencing the shape of lending?
  2. How have levels of personal indebtedness changed since the financial crisis, are these trends continuing, and does the low-rate environment impact these trends? 
  3. Are regulators keeping up with changing market conditions and are they focused on protecting the consumers or regulating the market? 
  4. How do you believe technology will evolve in lending markets and who will be the winners and loser in this change?