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Advanced Analytics for Competitive Banking

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In this interview, Nomis Solutions CEO, Frank Rohde, and Accenture Senior Managing Director, Alan McIntyre, examine key themes surrounding changes in banking methodology. The discussion is structured around the big shift in strategy and takes into account the wider implications of developing a deep understanding of your customers. Watch this informative video to see how you can better compete by learning the importance of an enterprise-level solution that helps scale pricing and management maturity. 

In this joint Nomis-Accenture interview, Frank and Alan discuss:

  1. How the banking industry is rapidly shifting from a product-silo framework to a customer-centric one.

  2. The vitality of being moment-centric and where banks begin to implement solutions for maturing their offers in real time.

  3. The role that analytics play in dynamic offers and pricing, and the three types of analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive.