Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks

CBA Webinar

Agile Customer Management with Frank Bria

Agile Customer Management webinar Icon.png

The disconnect between back office goal setting, marketing campaigns, and front-line execution is the #1 reason banks fail to meet their strategic portfolio objectives. When banks don’t connect the dots between these functions and continue to rely on traditional demographic segmentation and advertising campaigns, they experience revenue stream leakage and get out-maneuvered by more efficient competitors. No matter how well-planned the strategy, it can’t be successful when marketing and client-facing employees (or systems) don’t have the right tools to align their efforts. Similarly, back office strategic planning needs to include a timely analysis of data captured at customer touchpoints to provide realistic guidance. 

In this webinar, portfolio owners will learn how to create a closed-loop system encompassing the back office, marketing, and omni-channel client interactions to inform more defensible, reliable, and achievable portfolio objectives. Industry veteran Frank Bria will provide specific examples of how this approach can transform your entire retail banking portfolio, including residential lending and deposits. As a result, the bank can deliver value to customers and stockholders by ensuring that the right clients are receiving the right products at the right price.


  1. Translating strategic objectives into pricing, offers, and segmentation that drive results across your entire retail banking portfolio, including residential lending and deposits
  2. Ensuring that your targeted offers are viewed by key customer segments that are critical for achieving strategic goals
  3. Solving the “last mile” problem by extending analytically derived pricing and offers seamlessly across banking channels


  1. Become more competitive by going beyond traditional demographic segmentation to leverage customer behavioral data.
  2. Improve KPIs by learning how to implement customer-level tactics that connect the dots between strategy setting, marketing, and front-line execution.
  3. Meet portfolio goals more efficiently by increasing your ability to identify ideal customers and your effectiveness in presenting them with targeted offers across channels.