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Executive Brief

Is the Housing Market on the Edge?

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Statistics for 2016-2018 show that the mortgage market in Australia has been steadily impervious to influences of the global financial crisis. Despite the drop in housing costs in other parts of the world, Australia's economy continues to remain robust. The article "Is the housing market on the edge" hones in on how the Australian housing economy has managed to stay resilient to environmental influences such as competition from tier-2 banks, mortgage market dynamics in Australia, and how these dynamics can impact net interest margins (NIM).

Read the article to learn more about:

  1. How Australian banks manage both growing and stalling challenges in the lending industry, as well as Australia's market resilience expressed in terms of GDP growth over the past 5-years. 
  2. Forecasts drawn from recent statistics gathered by Australian government agencies (i.e., Bureau of Statistics, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority).
  3. How to build and manage a robust mortgage portfolio using the 6 factors of mortgage optimization.