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Authentic Relationships in the Digital Age

Panelists: Vince Hruska, SVP of Product Strategies — City National Bank; Mike Sha, CEO - SigFig; Krishna Esteva, Head of Banking Vertical—NerdWallet
Banking Growth Forum 2016, San Francisco, CA

Is it really possible to develop loyalty and deep relationships with a financial institution if you remove the people?  How does the value of relationship and advice change when there is an iPad screen instead of a seasoned banker on the other end? 

This unique panel discussion provides juxatposes two very different views on the future of the consumer relationship – traditional banks, that believe in relationship depth and the development of long-term trust vs. the new regime, which focuses on product and technology-based approaches to loyalty.

  1. In an age of digital transformation, customers will have unprecedented choice as to how and how deep they can interact with their financial institution.

In this environment of unprecedented choice ever decreasing friction, for existing financial institutions, simply being an all-in-one stop is no longer sufficient. Financial institutions must focus on making their existing products work better together to deliver a superior customer experience.

Despite all this, incumbents still have tremendous built-in advantages that will allow them to weather the new entrant's efforts to encroach.  Greater and faster adaption of new technologies utilized by new entrants will enable them restore their lead.


  1. Can these 'triple win' retail banking products and services be a growth driver for their offering financial institutions?
  2. Do these products exists today?
  3. What are the challenges for banks to develop and offer new products in this space?