Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks

White Paper

Changing the Dimensions of Deposits Management under Basel III

Banks often get caught in the downward spiral of competing on price. Basel III is creating a fundamental shift in the way that deposit managers handle their portfolios. The ability to forecast and deliver on stability and liquidity ratios is critical to being able to fund lending portfolios according to a cost-effective plan. Big data analytics help banks understand customer behaviours, historical performance, and market trends that impact the bank’s ability to meet its goals.

You’ll learn how banks can:

  1. Leverage deep data insights to make informed decisions about strategies to achieve more consistent results and more accurately forecast portfolio growth, profit, and balance stability
  2. Visualize the cost and stability of their portfolio mix, as well as by customer segment and product
  3. Respond faster to market changes that can affect balance stability and profitability with predictive analytics and frequent re-calibration.