Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks

Executive Brief

Choice-based Mortgage Pricing


Risk-based mortgage pricing has served us well for decades, but as banks become more customer- and context-centric, it's time align pricing strategy to client value. Whether your portfolio is based on a traditional mortgage business model, high-touch private banking, or no-frills e-lending, this executive brief will help you leverage data and analytics to achieve choice-based pricing.

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Complete the form to the right to download the executive brief "Choice-based Mortgage Pricing" and learn how you can reach your mortgage portfolio goals by:

  1. Implementing data science solutions that help you understand how different customer segments value products and services differently.
  2. Driving results based on an understanding of what consumers do, rather than what they say.
  3. Moving from a more traditional risk-based pricing strategy to a more inclusive and customer-centric choice-based pricing model.