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Customer-centric Residential Lending

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The goal of a residential lending client isn't to buy your product; it's to own a home and manage their lifestyle. Bankers have the opportunity to be the financial partner who helps them achieve their goals while increasing value for the bank if they can reduce the "friction" of the lending process with personalized offers driven by real-time customer intelligence.

This three-minute video gives a quick overview of the criteria of a true omni-channel, customer-centric approach to residental lending, including:

  1. Using customer intelligence to make offers that are relevant to your client and have the flexibility to revise on-the-fly based on new info

  2. Allow customers to begin a transaction in one channel  and seamlessly pick up and resume the conversation in any other

  3. Capture information about customers and offers in real time, then react with solutions that are a win-win for the client and the bank

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