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Financial Innovation for a Triple Win: Consumers, Banks and the Planet

Panelists: Kevin Moss, former CRO — Wells Fargo Consumer Lending Group;  Leigh Philips, CEO -; Mark Erhardt, SVP—Fifth Third Bank; Ryan Falvey, Managing Director - Financial Solutions Lab at Center for Financial Services Innovation;  Sunil Sachdev, Chief Business Development Officer - Meed
Moderator: Ashik Ardeshna, partner - Oliver Wyman
Banking Growth Forum 2016, San Francisco, CA

In an age of conscientious consumption and ethical consumerism, can banks create products and services that have an environmental and social benefit?  

This panel explores how bank are responding to increasing consumer demand that the products they consumer and the businesses they patronize, including banks, are helping better the world, serving underserved customer segments and what they are doing to build and bring to market these 'Triple Win' offerings.

  1. Can these 'triple win' retail banking products and services be a growth driver for their offering financial institutions?
  2. Do these products exists today?
  3. What are the challenges for banks to develop and offer new products in this space?