Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks


Improve Sales Effectiveness Through Omnichannel Offer Presentment Webinar

Customers are demanding more from their banks. Despite investments in digital customer experience, many banks are falling short of customers' high expectations, primarily because often fall short in delivering a true "win-win" value proposition for both the customer and the bank. Why is that? What prevents the banking industry from finally delivering on the decades-old vision of offering the right product to the right customer at the right time? How can you finally deliver the true omni-channel experience customers want rather than wasting money on a trendy technology investment that doesn't deliver ROI?


  1. The 3 mistakes most banks make that keep them underperforming in customer acquisition

  2. The 1 assumption you may be making that will keep your bank from being competitive in the next 3 - 5 years

  3. Why the "conventional wisdom" around marketing segmentation is holding back the return on your technology investments


  1. Learn how to stop your organizational structure from inhibiting your ability to deliver real value to your customer

  2.  Understand why "next best offer" technology often fails to deliver better offers than your front line sales staff

  3. Gain insights to drive an effective omni-channel strategy that delivers value for the customer and the bank