Intelligent Pricing for Better Banks

Solution Brief

Nomis Deal Manager

What you need to know:

Retail banking customers expect consistent, personalized service no matter how they interact with your bank. If a customer receives a different price over the phone than they do when they walk into a branch or has to wait for an answer about products or pricing, there’s a good chance they won’t be your customer for long. But front-line employees may not have an informed view of what products or prices to offer or what prices competitors are offering. 

Moreover, alternative and online competitors are raising the bar on customer expectations, and technology is eroding the barriers that once kept customers loyal to one bank. For the retail banking experience to be valuable to both the consumer and the financial institution, banks need omni-channel strategies that deepen customer relationships across their mortgage, lending, and deposit portfolios.   

Nomis Deal Manager delivers the real-time offer intelligence to traditional banks enabling them to offer customers personalized service, empower front-line employees, and deliver process visibility to the pricing desk.

In this solution brief, you’ll learn how your peers are using Nomis Deal Manager to: 

  • Get smarter about what your customers want and what your competitors are doing to prepare them for a consultative conversation your customers.
  • Execute faster by reducing “friction” and eliminating bottlenecks to speed internal processes and customer interactions to improve take up rates
  • Drive to better results by utilizing real-time offer intelligence to immediately get personalized pricing and offers