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Owning the Conversation: Keeping the Deposits Function Fresh and Relevant in Today’s Changing World


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Speakers: Ben Mendelsohn, VP of Product Management and Steve Dinan, VP of Finance at Fifth Third Bank
Banking Growth Forum 2016, San Francisco, CA

Consumer deposits are a priority at Fifth Third and that means that doing the same things and settling for the same results isn’t part of the strategy. The bank has adopted a new vision for the role of deposit product management to addresses the new risks to deposit portfolios. Ben and Steve provide an overview of how to keep the deposits function fresh and relevant and challenge product managers to ask themseleves:

  1. How involved are you in leading decisions about customer experience and interaction?
  2. Have you become an expert on the external factors affecting your business?
  3. Are you able to own the tactics for a strategy you worked on with your executive team?
  4. Is big data helping you realize efficiencies and change the nature of the questions you ask?