Considering the 'Inflection Point' in Consumer Deposits

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Published Sep 13, 2018


MBA Insights: Choice-Based Pricing: What is Your Customer Willing to Pay?

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Published Aug 10, 2018


Choice-based Mortgage Pricing

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Published Jul 16, 2018


Nomis Price Optimizer for Home Equity

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Published Jun 27, 2018


RFi Webinar: How to Provide Your Customer with the Right Mortgage

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Published Apr 03, 2018


Can You Increase Mortgage Lending Volume and Widen Margins?

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Published Mar 21, 2018


Is the Housing Market on the Edge?

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Published Feb 23, 2018


Advanced Analytics for Competitive Banking

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Published Feb 20, 2018


From Insights to Action: The Retail Lending Lessons in Your Facebook Feed

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Published Feb 14, 2018


Client-Centric Loan Pricing Boosts Front-Line Performance

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Published Feb 09, 2018


Are banks ready for an uptick in HELOC applications?

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Published Dec 08, 2017


RFiTV interview with Frank Rohde

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Published Oct 03, 2017